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Previous Contract Work

In addition to private tastings, I engage Owen's Open Bottles in a variety of contract work. 

Read about the projects I am involved in here!


I deliver online wine tasting experiences transporting users to the world's greatest wine regions on this cutting-edge platform. These fully live education sessions range from highlighting famous wine regions to the basics of wine and food pairings. The wines we use are fully organic and represent the best of what Europe has to offer.

I was also instrumental in the design and launch of VIVANTs all organic Wine Club.

Come catch one of my sessions here!


Château de Pommard Brand Ambassador 

I organize and facilitate tasting events as well as oversee a registry of private clients for Château de Pommard in the US-North Central and US-North West markets. 

Château de Pommard is a storied Château in the heart of Burgundy. They are certified Organic, Biodynamic, and are the largest Clos in the region. 

Read more about the Château here!


Massanois Imports Wine Consultant

I oversee a portfolio of 100+ accounts in the Downtown Chicago area consisting of both on-premise and off-premise clients in a distribution setting.

I help facilitate and run staff education classes at restaurants and retail stores while also filling their wine needs.

Read more about it here.

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