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Owen Who?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I feel as if an introduction is in order. My name is Owen Huzar - oenophile, wine distributor, educator, and Husband. I originally hail from Boston with a B.S. in Hospitality Administration from Boston University, focusing on Food and Beverage. As corny as it sounds, I possess a love for all things relating to dining.

I have also been honored to run wine programs for restaurants in first-class cities such as New York, D.C., Miami, and Chicago for the Hillstone Restaurant Group. I currently work with Massanois to distribute wine across Chicago to restaurants and retail stores. I feel honored to meet, work with, and discuss wines with the people who are out in the vineyards daily, working hard to grow these grapes and make these wines. Chicago is a food-centric city with energized sommeliers who are always excited to taste something new.

Besides in-home and virtual tasting experiences and distribution, I work for Dustin Wilson, MS, at his fine wine shop in Lincoln Park Called Verve. If you need wine, contact me or see me at the store!

This forum's goal is to be a place to discuss what I happen to be tasting, wine-growing regions, the people behind the bottle, and those associated with the process. You can also book a private virtual tasting with me through this website. It is intended for drinkers of all kinds in a non-judgmental environment to learn something new. You may even find your next favorite wine!

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